Pirate Interactive Story Wall Stickers - Reusable

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Reusable Pirate Wall Stickers, Pirate Wall Decal Set, Interactive Story Wall Stickers, Pirate Room Theme Designs

A cool set of pirate wall stickers that will spark your little pirate's imagination. This pack of high quality fabric wall stickers includes a large pirate ship, desert islands, pirates, a treasure map, a jolly roger flag, sharks and shoals of tropical fish. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add some pirate themed decoration to your little one's room, look no further! A great idea to create you own themed room for any a little ones bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Our pirates are fierce but not scary, with vibrant colours and fun designs that should suit the colour scheme of most rooms. Can be used to bring a bedtime story to life, inspire your child's imagination creating different stories with interactive pictures, adapt and move the wall stickers as your story grows.

This fabulous story stickers represent the diverse world we live in, so that your child can play with characters that reflect real life.

What are fabric wall stickers? They are printed wall stickers that are made of premium quality adhesive fabric. You can apply these stickers to walls, cupboards, glass - pretty much any smooth or even bumpy surface. They can be repositioned if required, just peel off the wall and reapply elsewhere. These stickers are waterproof, they don't tear, and have a tactile, smooth, matt fabric texture. Our fabric stickers are simple to apply, just peel them off the backing sheet and off you go! Please just first make sure that wherever you stick them, it is free from dirt and grease (wipe clean if required) and that it is dry.

Perfect in rented accommodation, reposition able and removable decoration without nails and hammers, no marks when removed.

Product Details

Quantity & size:
1 x Pirate Ship 305mm x 230mm
1 x Large Desert Island 163mm x 132mm
1 x Small Desert Island 107mm x 108mm
1 x Pirate Flag 105mm x 75mm
1 x Treasure Chest 47mm x 48mm
1 x Large Shark 137mm x 67mm
3 x Small Sharks 28mm x 59mm
6 x Tropical Fish Shoals large 91mm x 75mm - small 49mm x 47mm
1 x Parrot 86mm x 21mm
7 x Pirates 70mm
12 x Starfish Small 28mm - Large 38mm

Our stickers are:

100% polyester and PVC free
Printed with water resistant ink
You can reposition them, simply peel off and re-stick!
Happy Decorating!

**Helpful hint: Please be careful about newly painted walls; most take at least 30 days to cure fully, please wait before applying the sticker if you have been painting or they might not adhere well and could damage the paintwork.

Please note we are based in the UK - please see our shipping policies for estimated shipping times. All our products are designed and made in our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex UK.