Our Story

Hello, my name is Karen Griffin - creator of FabriStick®.

I love my family, my dogs Finn & Bailey (who often feature in our social media), my work and my home - just south of Chichester on the South Coast of England.  In my spare time I have a pottery passion going on - a skill I am going to never master but allows me all sorts of 3d creativity and colour challenges in my spare time. 

I’m a real people-person, I love a good chat with a cup of tea. I’m very lucky to be able to combine a few of these favourite things in my business!

I started out as a stop-you-in-your-tracks signwriter and creator of eye-catching vehicle graphics. I was shocked when my son moved into rented accommodation - the list of do's and don't's was endless.  What if there was ACTUALLY a product that didn't leave marks on walls but allowed you to personalise those boring neutral walls?  Suddenly my friends and family were asking if I could create graphics for their homes and ta-daaaa! Stickers4Walls was born.

In addition to our vinyl wall graphics, I created a fabric wall sticker range - FabriStick®. Where would you like to put it? Wall? Radiator? Cupboard? Textured wallpaper? No problem! It is simply brilliant stuff. It sticks to pretty much anything, is waterproof, doesn't tear, and can be moved around and re-positioned to your heart’s content without destroying your walls…. What’s not to love?

After a few months, I enlisted the help of a local designer, Lissie. We instantly bonded (over – you guessed it – a cup of tea and chat about dogs). Fast forward a few years and Lissie is working full time for an environmental group and there is now a new team making increasingly more stickers to create fun, original, and imagination-fuelling wall stickers for adults and children alike.

Abi joined the team, bringing a more realistic, less digital type of art to our creations and the idea of the 'colour me' range.

2020 changed many things for us, like so many others.  We have a larger machine allowing us to print big stickers in a single piece and an extended home workshop to house it.  We are trialling the use of home workers to hand finish and pack.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read a little about our business. Please browse our shop, and hopefully, you will find something you love. And if you don’t, why not drop us a line to make a suggestion? We love creating bespoke wall graphics too!

Over the last few years we have expanded to offer a drop ship service to artists. So if you have a side hustle as a designer or photographer and are looking for a product to sell, please get in touch.

Thanks to all our lovely customers for making the dream real for us.