7 Brilliant Ideas for you Home Office Walls

7 Brilliant Ideas for you Home Office Walls

Feb 14, 2023Karen Griffin

Home quarantine has changed the way we see the world of work forever.  Many without office space at home, have had to create one. From loft and shed conversions to turning their ironing boards into a desk, home workers have had to get creative to get their daily tasks done from their homes.

For many, it is likely for post-pandemic work to remain home based, or at least with some degree of flexibility, meaning that their home office would actually become their main office, hence the need of an environment suitable for working, comfortable and conducive to the efficiency and well-being of the worker.

 The following are 7 brilliant ideas for your home office walls that will make your home office a better work place.

 1. Box rooms and lofts lacking on windows can benefit from these stunning cloud wall stickers. They will allow you to bring a bit of the outside in, just like a view from a window would do! And if you’re in loft with sloping ceilings, you know that hanging artwork is tricky. Well, these work perfectly as they adhere to the wall and you can reposition as required.

Cloud wall sticker

2. Having a removable and repositionable company logo or company slogan on your wall can be an easy way to add a visual to your walls to enhance your brand. Create your own video call background by adding your logo to your wall and your brand visible on your insta stories or zoom session. These wall stickers can be reused and repositioned to suit your space.

print your own logo wall sticker

3. Plants are a great addition to any work space, they are decorative but also provide benefits with the air quality.  However, they may not be a good idea if you’re a plant killer, or if your office doesn’t have any natural light to keep them looking radiant. So, these two beautiful plant wall stickers (A cheese plant or a Calathea) may be exactly what you need, plus they don’t take any space either!

watercolour plant wall sticker

4. Working on your own may be a bit difficult sometimes but a bit of positivity can make a real change. Having this reusable ‘Dream Big’ wall sticker may be all the motivation you need to start your working day with great vibes!

Dream Big Motivational wall sticker

 5. If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for a quick, easy and effective way to add an inspirational graphic to your office wall, This entrepreneur wall art is brilliant! It features empowering affirmations like 'I see opportunity when others see impossibility’ and ‘I believe in something bigger than myself’. And you can choose to have it with your business name at the bottom.

Entrepreneur motivational wall sticker

6. Whether your company operates worldwide or you want to keep an eye on your next holiday destination, a world map may be a great and useful way to decorate your office!

world map wall sticker

7. This inspiring Rocky Balboa Mirror Quote design works brilliantly on mirrors. Want to see the toughest opponent you will ever face? Look in the mirror. Perfect addition if your home office has a toilet!

Rocky quote wall sticker

Click here to see our full range of home office wall stickers. If you are looking to decorate your office with bespoke wall graphics, we can help you design them, will make them for you and if you are in the area, we can also offer an installation service.

Give us a ring on 01243 528384 and share your ideas with us, we will be happy to help.

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