Turning Your Insta Pics into Photo Wall Tiles!

Turning Your Insta Pics into Photo Wall Tiles!

Feb 15, 2023Karen Griffin

How many photos do you have on your phone?

Go on, check it out - I've just looked at mine and I have 7,423! Honestly, 7,423 photos in my 'All Photos' album on my phone, and over 1,000 Instagram photos. Crazy right? I'm showing my age, but when I grew up you took photos quite sparingly because you had to pay to get them developed, whether they were good, bad or plain old ugly - but these days we can capture every important moment and experience as a photo or video on our phones - it's so easy. 

But how many of those photos do you actually print? I mean, to put in an album or up on your walls and to remind you of happy times? I bet it's not many. Well, we have an easy solution to printing your pics and getting them on your wall with minimal fuss.  Our new FabriFoto™ Wall Stickers are great - stick them straight onto your wall, they are printed on our versatile FabriStick® fabric wall sticker material and you can upload your photos to us to print straight from your phone. It's that simple. FabriStick® wall stickers can be moved and reused, so if you move house or just want to reposition them you just peel them off the wall and move them.

Here are some tips to get the best results from FabriFoto™ wall stickers.

1. Lighting

As with all photography, lighting is key. Light, bright photos generally print and look much better than dark pictures. Try to make sure there is good natural light without too many strong shadows.

2. Quality

Try to upload the original photo from your phone, or at least the best quality and size possibly. MixPix photos are 20cm square, so a really small photo would look pixellated and grainy if it has to be blown up too much. If in doubt, send it to us and we can let you know if the quality is high enough.

3. Composition & Shape

FabriFoto™ photo print wall stickers are square, so please make sure that the main part of the photo you want printed will fit in a square. If a photo is very long and thin (like a panoramic photo) it will not really work in the square shape of our FabriFoto™. If you do have a high quality panoramic photo you would like printed on our high quality fabric wall sticker material, just drop us an email and we can quote you to have the whole photo printed.

4. Uploading from your phone

Did you know you can upload the photos that you would like printed directly from your phone? When you order, we will send you an email confirmation with a link to our upload site, and you can upload directly from your main photo album or Instagram album on your phone. Really simple and easy.

Check them out here: https://www.stickers4walls.co.uk/product/FabriFoto-my-photo-wall-stickers

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