10 Spring Wall Sticker Ideas to brighten your home!

10 Spring Wall Sticker Ideas to brighten your home!

Feb 14, 2023Karen Griffin

Why shouldn't your home be on trend as well as your wardrobe?  Enjoy these 10 ideas for speedily springing your house into the new season.

No matter your home style, when spring is round the corner, there’s every excuse to spruce up your home interiors and brighten up your space. We know that spring decor options are endless but there’s nothing like those which require no major home renovations, much money or time-consuming DIY; and that’s exactly what wall stickers offer.

Wall Stickers cannot only be used as a ‘pick me up’ for any interior but they can also help you transform your space in a matter of minutes. What most people don’t know is that they have moved forward so much, that their removable, repositionable and reusable qualities, make them ideal for seasonal decor.
In the last years, tropical leaves, florals and indoor plants have been on trend and that is why, these 10 spring-inspired wall stickers might be exactly the addition you are looking for your home this coming season!

Have a browse and let us know your thoughts or spring Wall sticker ideas in the comment section below.

Cheeseplant wall sticker

1. This cheese plant Wall sticker will enable you to design your own botanical interiors as leaves, steams and plant pot come separately for you to configure the plant just as you want it! The arty wall sticker is taken from an original watercolour and there’s also a Calathea plant in this same format.

Blue bird wall sticker

2. This circular design with two sweet little birds on their own branch, against a light sky, is a delightful way for you to add a little bit of nature to your wall. It’s available in three sizes, small, medium and large.

beach hut wall stickers in pink

3. If you are looking for the perfect coastal spring decor addition, look no further! This beach huts come with sea shells, fish, kites and other colourful stickers to bring the spring/summer feel to your interiors. This is the pink colourway, but it also comes in blue or red.

Cherry blossom wall stickers

4.With this set of 54 Cherry Blossoms you can add a touch of the Japanese Sakura to any room in your home. They bring such a delicate touch that you may want to keep them up the full year round! Yes, 54 stickers.  Enough fun for all the family!

 easter egg wall stickers

5. If you’re after easy Easter decor, you can create a great Wall arragement with this set of 6 hanging easter eggs. Each features a different design and it comes with colourful butterflies that you can dot around to create an catching arrangement. There are 2 more Easter egg designs available, one with pastels greens and purple and another one with cool blue and pink!

cyanotype wall stickers

6. Cyanotype creates beautiful images in hues of blues. These botanical wall stickers use that technique and are available in Fern, Palm or Flora designs. Perfect if you’d like to create a focal point in your room.

hot air balloon wall stickers

7. Up, up and away! Fire up your little one's imagination (and your own!) with these beautiful hot air balloon wall stickers with a lovely floral design.

stylised bird wall stickers

8. Tweet tweet! You can use these 15 gorgeous birdies to create a magical feature wall in your child's bedroom or nursery. This is the perfect answer to bringing a pop of colour into your home.

Cactus wall stickers

9. Cactus plants with separate pots, that you can mix and match to decorate your interior walls! Lots of fun and so many combinations.

fabrifoto photo wall tiles

10. And if you haven’t found that Wall decor that you’re looking for, why not printing your own? You can have sets of 3,6, 9 or 12 stickers with any photo or graphic you want, so go ahead, unlock your inner creativity with
!Decorating your home can be a fun, relaxing and creative experience. Find more easy, fun, and low-cost ways of revamping your interiors by taking a read at
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