Let's Work Together!

Do you run an artistic or printing business?  Perhaps you have a side hustle or maybe you are looking for original products to sell in your shop (online or traditional).

Over the last few years, we have been working with artists, illustrators and designers to produce their artwork on FabriStick®. As we collaborate with more creatives, we've created this page to celebrate their talent and also our partnership with them. We are on a mission to take wall stickers to the next level!

Read the bio of some of our artists.  What you will see is that most of them run their businesses via Etsy - a great online shopping platform for creatives, so there is no need to expensive or specialist websites.

 If you would like to turn your artwork into wall stickers, get in touch with us. There is no up front outlay and we would love to help you explore an income from your art.  Drop us a message: sales@stickers4walls.co.uk