4 Ways to Create a Themed Room for Your Kids - Simples!

4 Ways to Create a Themed Room for Your Kids - Simples!

Feb 15, 2023Karen Griffin

An empty painted room can be a bit overwhelming, so let us suggest a few ideas to help you create an instant room transformation in a couple of hours.

I’m talking about full wall sticker collections, and what makes them so special is that they consist of a number of sets of wall stickers that work really well together and that would allow you to develop a theme throughout your nursery or kid’s room really easy.

Nursery - Dinosaurs Wall Stickers

1.  Our latest range is a set of colourful prehistoric dinosaurs.  You can also order a themed personalised name to make the room extra special.  There is the MEGA pack set, with a monster-sized version of a Brontesaurus, in case you are looking something more similar to a life-size long-necked friend in the room! 😉

world map and sea world stickers

2. Another matching set of kid’s room wall decals is the Sea World height chart that themes well with our popular reusable world map fabric wall sticker as it shares the same style of animals,  and that can now be bought with extension packs of dolphins or whales to decorate other areas of the room.

Hot air Balloons and mountain wall stickers

3. One of the most successful collections in our store are the hot air balloon wall stickers, that together with four mountains can be positioned to create a beautiful landscape in a boy or girl’s room wall.  These are also popular in a combined adult space and playroom.

safari stickers for jungle themed bedrooms

4. Last, we’ve got really cute Safari Animal wall sticker multipack, perfect to create a jungle themed room for your little one. The pack includes a scene of wildlife animal decals, a giraffe height chart and an additional set of animals, just in case there’s an extra area of the room, or that cupboard door left to decorate.


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