Fun Bird Fabric Wall Stickers - Reusable

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Tweet tweet! These gorgeous fabric bird wall stickers are sure to brighten up any room. There are 15 colourful birds in a range of sizes, with 19 song notes that you can use to create a magical wall feature.

In bright candy colours, you can apply these bird wall decals to walls, cupboards, glass - pretty much any smooth or even bumpy surface. They are made from our high quality fabric wall sticker material, FabriStick®, designed, cut and hand finished in our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. They can be repositioned time after time without losing stick, without causing damage to your walls. These stickers are water resistant, they don't tear, and have a tactile, smooth fabric texture. We love them, and we hope you will too!

Perfect in rented accommodation, no nails, no mess.

Go on - get creative!

Sheet Dimensions:
50cm x 35cm

Quantity & Sizes:
15 Birds (10 large, Bird: 170mm x 95mm - Smallest Bird: 74mm x 62mm)
19 Notes (Double Musical Notes: 33mm x 31mm max - Single Musical Notes: 23mm x 34mm)

*Helpful hint: Please be careful about newly painted walls; most take at least 30 days to cure fully, so please wait before applying the sticker if you have been painting or they might not adhere well and could damage the paintwork.

Please note we are based in the UK - please see our shipping policies for an estimate of shipping time. All our products are designed and made in our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex UK.