Easter Eggs Wall Stickers, Pink & Blue - Reusable

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Make your Easter Sunday Special with this set of reusable fabric Easter egg wall stickers! These bright and beautiful Easter wall sticker features 6 different egg designs and includes matching strings, butterflies, and flowers. Everything you need to create an inspiring and original Easter display. Available in two sizes, our standard sheet, and a double size extra large version.

If you are looking for an Easter theme for your home or workspace, these Easter wall decorations are really easy to put up, and can be moved around as desired. We recommend keeping the backing sheet as the sticker can be easily taken down and replaced on the sheet and stored for reuse next year.

In glorious, eye-catching colours, you can also apply these wall decals to cupboards, glass - pretty much any smooth or even bumpy surface. They can be repositioned time after time without losing stick, without causing damage to your walls. These stickers are super tough, they don't tear, they are waterproof with tactile, smooth, matt fabric texture - if you accidentally scrunch them up when you are putting them up you can just peel them apart without damaging the sticker. We absolutely love them, and we hope you will too!

Product Details

Standard sheet - 53cm x 33cm £24.99
6 x Eggs [11cm x 15cm]
6 x Hanging strings [From 25cm to 50cm]
12 x Leaves [Small 1.5cm x 3cm / Large 2.5cm x 5cm]
10 x Large Butterflies [2.5cm x 4cm]
8 x Small Butterflies [2cm x 3cm]

Extra Large Sheet - 65cm x 105cm
6 x Eggs [22cm x 30cm]
6 x Hanging strings [From 50cm to 100cm]
12 x Leaves [Small 3cm x 7cm / Large 5cm x 10cm]
10 x Large Butterflies [5cm x 8cm]
8 x Small Butterflies [4cm x 6.5cm]

*Please select the size you would like from the drop-down options on ordering.

Our stickers are a soft woven polyester, free from PVC. We print using eco-friendly water-resistant ink, extending the life span of the product.

Designed, printed and hand finished in our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex, UK.

**Helpful hint: Please be careful about newly painted walls; most take at least 30 days to cure fully, so please wait before applying the sticker if you have been painting or they might not adhere well and could damage the paintwork. Our fabric stickers are so simple to apply. Just peel them off the backing sheet and off you go! Please just first make sure that wherever you stick them, it is free from dirt and grease (wipe clean if required) and that it is dry. To note adhesion is not as effective on surfaces painted in 'washable paints' we would recommend sticking to surfaces painted in a standard emulsion for best adhesion.