Easter Bunny Window Stickers

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A set of cute Easter bunny rabbit window stickers made from high quality white window cling. These window stickers can be used at home or in a shop window to add instant Easter decoration, and comes with lots of flowers, ladybirds, butterflies and bees to add extra fun to glass! Our white window cling is great for glass because it is cling rather than actual stickers - so when you want to take them down you can just return them to the backing sheet for reuse next year, and they don't leave any sticky residue behind like many window stickers do.

The 'Easter Bunny Sheet'  includes 2 large bunnies, 8 bees, 9 ladybirds, 10 butterflies, and 20 flowers.

Also available an additional add-on sheet of 'Bees, Ladybirds, and Butterflies'. The same-sized sheet with all the little creatures to extend your window display. This sheet does not include the large Bunnies.  Please select the sheet you would like to order from the drop-down menu on ordering.

The 'Bees, LadyBirds & Butterflies Additional Sheet' includes 18 bees, 10 ladybirds, 18 butterflies and 56 flowers.

These window stickers can also act to prevent birds from flying into windows and doors. They are particularly useful on windows where there is a clear view through the building, for instance from front to back. Birds can mistake this clear view for a clear path and try to fly through. Something as simple as one of these stickers can help prevent birds from flying into windows and getting hurt or killed.

Easter Bunny Sheet 
Sheet Size 54cm x28cm 

Rabbits: 28x28cms
Bees: 5x6cms and 3x3.5cms
Ladybirds: 3.5x4.5cms and 2.5x3.5cms
Butterflies: 5x5cms and 2x2cms
Flowers: 4.5x4.5cms and 2.5x2.5cms

Bees, Ladybirds and Butterflies Additional Sheet 
Sheet Size 54cm x28cm 

Bees: 6x 5x6cm / 12x 3x3.5cm
Ladybirds: 4x 3.5x4.5cm / 6x 2.5x3.5cm
Butterflies: 5x5cms and 2x2cms
Flowers: 4.5x4.5cms and 2.5x2.5cms

How to use them:

Simply peel the stickers from the backing sheet and get creative! If you want to remove them, just peel them off the glass - and if you want to, re-store them on the carrier paper.  They are ideal for rented properties where you are limited by what you are allowed to do with your decoration but wish to personalise your living areas.