If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please email us on:    sales@stickers4walls.co.uk.  


I want to colour match my wall art to existing decor.  Where can I get some colour samples?   Yes for our FabriStick® fabric wall sticker material we can, for example: for our popular 'Reusable Polka Dot Wall Sticker' collection yes we do offer sample packs to order letting you see how the colours would look prior to purchasing a set. If you are looking for another colour of FabriStick® please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.  Unfortunately vinyl doesn't come in exact pantones, so the easiest way to be sure is to email us for actual vinyl samples to be sent in the post.

Is the vinyl wall art re-usable?  Unfortunately the vinyl wall art and quotations are not re-usable, our other products 'Static Window Cling' & 'FabriStick® Fabric Wall Stickers' ranges are.

My room is really sunny.  Will my wall art fade over time?  Both the vinyl wall art and FabriStick® is guaranteed against fade.

I have a shop and would like to stock your products.  We do sell in a few independent outlets.  We would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

I have textured wallpaper on my walls.  Is it still suitable for wall art?  If your surface is very textured we would recommend FabriStick® over the vinyl wall art products as it is far more malleable and forgiving of any surface.

What is the best way to remove my vinyl wall art?  For vinyl wall art we recommend that you use gentle heat to loosen the adhesive.  So a hairdryer or hot water bottle does the job nicely.  The design should then gently peel off, but it may leave a sticky residue.  Use a proprietary adhesive remover such as nail polish remover (testing in an inconspicuous place first) to remove this and touch up decoration if required.

And for FabriStick®? Depending on the surface you have applied it to, it should just carefully peel off.  However, some surfaces, especially newly painted or damp walls, may need attention after. Please note if you have walls painted in one of the "washable paint" ranges you may experience problems with adhesion for our larger wall stickers.

My order hasn't turned up!  Please get in touch, and we will help to track it down.

I want to add some wall art in my bathroom.  Is it waterproof? We would recommend vinyl wall art in the bathroom.  However, it is really important to make sure the area you are applying to is thoroughly dry before you decorate with vinyl otherwise it might slide off with time.  It is also important that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned of any silicon, soap or limescale residue. Many high street cleaning products are good for this, but we recommend trying on a small area first.  When you place your order, let us know you are applying to a damp area and we can include some samples for you to try first so that you know your surface is prepared well.

I have just redecorated.  How soon can I apply my wall art? We recommend that you allow at least four weeks before applying wall art.  Always try a 'masking tape' test on an inconspicuous area before you proceed.

Will wall art cause damage to my wall? Every wall is different and so we cannot offer any guarantees.  In general, the FabriStick® range is least likely to cause damage to a wall surface. In all cases, we recommend you do a 'masking tape'  test on an inconspicuous area before applying your wall art.  Walls with damp, or that have not been properly primed, or have been recently painted are most likely to need attention after the removal of wall art.

Help!  I have messed it up! If you have made an error with your vinyl wall art application, get in touch!  Send us a photo and we will see what we can do to help you.  FabriStick® is a very resilient product and can be peeled apart if it has stuck to itself.

My FabriStick® keeps peeling off the walls! We have had only one case of this happening, so if it is happening to you, please get in touch.  We manufacture our products and randomly test different batches but have not been able to replicate this problem in our workshop, although we believe it might be caused by damp or newly painted surfaces. Consider applying gentle heat to the sticker as the glue can sometimes lose some of its adhesion in cold conditions.

I'm not sure the wall sticker I have ordered is right for where I wanted to put it, what is your returns policy please? We really hope you are happy with your wall sticker. If however, you are not, please contact us to see if we can resolve any issues. If you are not happy with any non-personalised item you are of course entitled to a full refund within 14 days of receipt, as long as they have not been used or damaged.  We cannot refund personalised or made-to-order graphics.

What a great idea for a Christening present.  Can you gift wrap? We are sure we can help with this.  Make a note on your order and we will get in touch for more information.

My friend in America would love your FabriStick®.  Can you send her some?
We are very pleased to say "yes" we are now delivering worldwide; please do note there have been increases in delivery costs and delivery times are increase too. We will continue to monitor the situation.

I can not seem to find shipping to Europe? Do you still do this? Unfortunately due to the recent changes in the UK leaving the EU we have had to currently stop European shipping.  We are not currently registered to ship to these countries. Hopefully, this will change soon and we will be back in shipping to Europe.