Based on the South Coast near Chichester, Stickers 4 Walls is a division of vinyl lettering experts, Griffin Designs.

Family, and then their friends, would regularly ask us for interior graphics to brighten their homes, and once these requests became fairly regular, Stickers4Walls was born.

We would love you to post pictures of your new look interior on our Facebook page or email it to us, we always enjoy seeing our graphics when they are in-situ!

(Founder of the Fabulous Fabristick®)

Favourite thing to watch? Dogs running/barking in their sleep & Outlander.

Favourite food? Chocolate & Pasta (but not together!).

Favourite song? Anything Darren Hayes (but much to the disgust of
my niece, I also like the newer Justin Bieber).

Guilty pleasure? Dirty little weekend habit off Flyballing with the dogs (with the full permission of my husband).

One thing people might not know about me? In Chinese terms, I’m a dragon.

(Designer extraordinare)

Favourite thing to watch? My other half trying to do DIY-the language is colourful to say the least.

Favourite food? Chocolate

Favourite song? My all time favourite is probably Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.

Guilty pleasure? A jar of Nutella and a spoon.

One thing people don’t know about me? I am pretty much
tone deaf. I love singing but can only do it when no-one else is
listening, otherwise people’s ears might start bleeding.

(Deliverer of Product Perfection)

Favourite thing to watch? People

Favourite food? Sweets, especially double deckers

Favourite song? Will You by Hazel O Connor

Guilty pleasure? I’m not sharing…

One thing you might not know about me? I am incredibly tidy, so the workshop really gets in a mess when I am not around.

(Karen's shadow)

Favourite thing to watch? The postman (but I rather like Dean, the TNT courier).

Favourite food? Cheese!

Favourite song? Happy Birthday because no one minds when I join in too.

Guilty pleasure? Laying in the sun whilst everyone else is working.

One thing you might not know about me? My biggest genetic match is a golden retriever… go figure!

(Thief of all things spherical)

Favourite thing to watch? A tennis ball, waiting for someone to throw it - it’s the Springer in me…

Favourite food? I just don't see the point of eating unless I am really hungry.  Training treats? Much rather you threw the ball.

Favourite song? I’m not much into music, it distracts people from throwing the tennis ball.

Guilty pleasure? Humping the unicorn.

One thing you might not know about me? I am a rescue dog, probably from Ireland.

Roland VersaCamm VP-300i
(The Beast)

Favourite thing to watch? Steam coming out of the human's ears when they can't get me to work. 

Favourite food? Eco friendly ink!

Favourite song? I don't need one... I humm very loudly when I'm working!

Guilty pleasure? I love it when I get new cat litter underneath my ink drainage bottle!

One thing you might not know about me? I find it hilarious when I make the humans jump by turning myself on when they least expect it! (They've never understood sleep mode!)