What are fabric wall stickers?
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What are fabric wall stickers?

What are FabriStick® Fabric Wall Stickers?

Fabric wall stickers are an innovative new type of wall sticker that are made from adhesive woven polyester. They are brilliant because:

  • You can reposition them time after time, without losing stick
  • They are matt, not shiny
  • They have a tactile, smooth fabric texture
  • No damage to your wall*
  • Non-tearing
  • Waterproof
  • Vibrant colour schemes
  • Apply them to walls, cupboards, glass - pretty much any smooth or even bumpy surface
  • Perfect in rented accommodation, no nails, no mess
  • Great for businesses in a 'full repairing lease' contract - logo your workspace!

They are different to vinyl wall stickers, which are applied to walls and can't be repositioned or reused.

*We do recommend that you wait at least a month after painting a wall before you apply any wall sticker, and fabric wall stickers are no exception. We always recommend that you do a tape test (apply a piece of masking tape firmly and them remove) on your wall before applying stickers.

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