Vinyl or Fabristick?
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Vinyl or Fabristick?
Wall stickers are a stylish but easy, hassle-free way to update any room, and with so many fun and quirky designs on offer its no wonder that people love them.  Nearly all wall stickers on the market are made from a type of vinyl, which means they are a shiny plastic material.  These can look great in the home, and are a quick, easy and economical way to refresh a room or add a focus on your wall. We only use the highest quality marine grade vinyl for our vinyl wall stickers, which means that unlike some much cheaper imports you may find on the market, they are tougher and do not fade. Vinyl wall stickers can be removed carefully by applying heat with a hairdryer, but cannot be reused. 

FabriStick™ wall stickers are a revolutionary new type of wall art, made of a fine textile material rather than vinyl.  They have different qualities than vinyl stickers, and also look completely different when placed onto the desired surface.  To help people understand the main differences between FabriStick™ and vinyl wall stickers, we’ve put together the main points:

The first difference you will be able to see and feel with the FabriStick™ range is the texture.  Rather than a thin plastic, these stickers are tactile and stand out from the wall.  The smooth, textured colours have a luminous matt quality which is impossible to replicate on vinyl.  They are soft to the touch and strokeable, which means kids love to play with them and stick them anywhere they can. 

The main drawback with vinyl stickers is that once they’re placed onto the desired spot on the wall, they can’t be moved.  This may not be seen as a problem, but if you ever redecorate or want to rearrange the room, it becomes difficult.  FabriStick™ wall stickers are fully reusable, meaning they can be stuck and re-stuck time and time again without losing their sticky quality.  This is why kids can use them in their play, as they can be moved from wall to wall regularly.

Stick anywhere, no mess
FabriStick™ stickers can not only be placed onto walls, they can also be stuck to glass windows, mirrors, cupboards or just about any other surface.  The FabriStick™ range can even be successfully stuck to a bumpy, uneven surface.  In addition, the stickers leave absolutely no surface damage when removed.  Unlike vinyl stickers, they can be repositioned time and time again without leaving any mess behind!

Won’t tear
Vinyl wall stickers are made from a very thin plastic, which can tear after time or because of an accident.  FabriStick™ stickers are much thicker and stronger and are impossible to tear, even after re-sticking countless times.

FabriStick™ and vinyl stickers both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on their intended use which one you should choose; but we hope this blog has helped!

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