Unisex wall decorations for a child's room
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Unisex wall decorations for a child's room

You know how it goes, your little baby has suddenly become a busy toddler and wants to be a little bit more grown up. You think about updating their room a bit. All too often, the options on offer for decorating a little boy or girl's room are very stereotyped. For girls - pink princesses? Check. Pink fairies? Check. For boys, superheroes? Check. Dinosaurs? Check. Now, we do offer wall decor for all of these things, because they are well-loved, tried and tested themes for boys and girls rooms, and that's absolutely fine. My two boys have both been through dinosaur and superhero stages, as well as bugs and cars! But it can be quite hard to find genuinely unisex wall stickers and decor. 

We like to foster a sense of ADVENTURE and exploration at Stickers4Walls. We love different countries and travelling, so we have recently created some fab, adventurous wall stickers to brighten up a little boy or little girl's room quickly, easily that are totally suitable for both boys and girls. Check out our world map wall sticker, which comes in a choice of sizes from one that is 50cm wide to a massive, wall-filling 1.9m wide option! If you are interested, it's here: http://www.stickers4walls.co.uk/product/world-map-wall-sticker-kids

World Map Wall Sticker

Or how about playing a game with your little one to imagine the view floating in a hot air balloon? We have just released some gorgeous mountain and hot air balloon wall stickers, which go very nicely with our standard air balloon pack so you can create a stunning air balloon design on your wall. Find them here: http://www.stickers4walls.co.uk/product/mountains-air-balloon-wall-stickers

Mountain and Air Balloon Wall Stickers

These wall stickers are great because they are not too baby-ish - I'm not sure what it's like in your house, but that is a big NO from my kids. They are adamant that they are big and grown up. I'd like them to stay small a bit longer though, shhhhhh!

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