Top Tips for Decorating a Nursery
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Top Tips for Decorating a Nursery
Decorating a nursery can be a stressful time, especially as someone taking part in the renovation project will be heavily pregnant! Most people opt for the standard gender colours or a neutral yellow if the new arrival is a surprise; but some people may want to incorporate a more unique room for their baby.

A creative way to decorate a nursery is to choose a theme for the entire room, or perhaps you prefer the charming mismatched look.  Whether you want to create a classic or modern baby’s room, make sure it is colourful and cosy, and has space for all the essentials you will need – bear in mind you’ll be spending the majority of your days and nights in the nursery so you need to feel comfortable in it yourself too.

Take a peek at our distinctive ideas for decorating a nursery: 

Nature/Woodland Theme
A nature theme is always a big hit with kids of all ages, so implementing it from a young age is a great idea.  It’s also a creative idea for a gender neutral theme, as using green and brown is ideal for boys and girls.  Why not paint all the walls, then use creative touches such as stencils and stickers to construct the woodland imagery.  Paint a tree in white to produce a feature wall, and use wall art animal stickers to construct the wildlife.  Personal additions can be made to customise the room at a later stage, such as hanging letters of the baby’s name from the branches of the tree.  This is also a fantastic theme because it will last years and years before the child grows out of it and you’ll need to redecorate.

Nautical Nursery
A nautical themed nursery is another unique design suitable for male and female rooms.  Using whatever colours you like, focus on sailor stripes and ocean wildlife to brighten the nursery interior.  Paint or hang 3D anchors and use boats for decorative ornaments throughout the room – again this interesting theme has longevity.

Customise with Wall Stickers
Unless you are very clever with how you decorate (using the themes above) it is probable that you will have to redecorate your child’s room countless times throughout their childhood.  To make life easier, why not swap costly wallpaper for vibrant adhesive wall art which you can switch around on a regular basis.  With a range of animals, lettering and fun designs for kids, there is a variety of creative stickers to suit all children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

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