Tips For Revamping A Room on a Budget
12/07/2016 - 2 Comments
Tips For Revamping A Room on a Budget
When splurging on home improvements isn’t agreeable with your finances, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to revamp a room.  Updating a room is easier than you may think with simple DIY design tricks of the trade.  When a bedroom needs spicing up or a lounge needs a unique transformation, look no further for inspiration than Stickers4Walls’ top tips for revamping rooms on a budget.

Customise your furniture
Instead of splashing out on expensive furniture suites and on-trend furnishings, why not take on the challenge of reinventing the furniture you already have.  Getting crafty and creative with homemade items is actually coming into fashion, and really gives your home an individual feel.  Try reupholstering a chair or footstool, or remove cushion covers and dye them a different colour.  This can instantly change the mood in the room, with minimal expense.  This updating accessories cheat can be used throughout the house- for example paint wooden shelves in the bedroom or bathroom a pretty pastel colour in the summer, and switch to a deep red or brown during the colder months to keep your décor fresh.

Brighten walls with sticker art
Sometimes you may crave a new colour scheme or painting to liven up a boring wall, but time and money may be against you.  Fear not, as vinyl wall art and Fabristick stickers are a cost effective, practical and attractive solution.  You can instantly create a feature wall for any room with iconic lettering and quotes, images, animals and other fun designs.  The best thing about using stickers is they can be rearranged regularly, so whenever you feel the urge to redecorate just switch around stickers between rooms!  Sticker wall art is also a fantastic idea to involve kids in the redecorating process, and there are so many great designs ideal for their bedrooms.

Having a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t go big on your mini home makeover.  While you may not be replacing or updating the main features of a room, it is often smaller accessories and intricate, eye-catching pieces that really finish a room.  You can change a whole colour scheme of a room just by replacing all the accessories.  In the lounge, kitchen or bedroom why not opt for a bold colour scheme when buying vases, ornaments, cushions, throws, rugs and candle holders.  In the bathroom you may wish to choose a monochrome colour scheme for the essential bathroom accessories such as towels, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.

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jhon boson 24/11/2017
hey i read your post the customize the furniture is the great think good post!
admin 24/11/2017
Thank you! We are planning more posts like this in the New Year, so do keep reading. Karen