There's Snow In The UK!
12/12/2017 - 0 Comments
There's Snow In The UK!
Hello there everyone!

It's December and we all know that that means the thought of Christmas is allowed to be on our minds everyday. And let's be honest... we're all secretly dreaming of a white Christmas, but here in the UK that is almost always more of a dream then a reality. 
If we ever have any snow it's usually in the new year, when everyone is pretty much over being magical and would much rather just get on with their lives. However this year, some of us have really and truly got what we wished for! That's all expect for us here down south...

For some reason the snow always seems to dodge the Stickers4Walls HQ... and although that can sometimes be handy as it causes great inconvenience, we can't help but feel incredibly jealous of the winter wonderland photographs we are seeing all over Facebook! Has it snowed where you live? We'd love to see your photographs too!

If it hasn't snowed where you are either, don't worry! You don't need it to put you in the Christmas Spirit...i've got something just as good!

Did you see our last blog post about our Christmas Sale? Well it's still going ahead and what better time to purchase a few extra Christmas goodies to get you feeling festive! We are only shipping for a few more days before slowing down for Christmas ourselves, so you better get going! 

Here's a photo of one of my favourite Christmas products we are selling this year, the Christmas Bauble Window Stickers:

We hope you are enjoying the festive season!

Bye for now,
The Stickers4Walls Team
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