The Final Straw
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The Final Straw
The launch of the re-usable Alpaca bag has certainly created ripples we never expected.  Not only is one on its way to Canada, but closer to home our designer-extraordinaire, Lissie, has become involved in The Final Straw in the Emsworth area.  She is passionate about reducing the amount of plastics we use in our daily domestic and working lives.

The Final Straw was first started in Cornwall, and is aimed at reducing single plastic straw use.  In reality it's objectives are much further reaching, with a goal to create awareness amongst local businesses about the plastics they use in their industries.  If we, as businesses, can find more sustainable packaging, then it makes no-plastic purchasing decisions a lot easier.  Soon shops and restaurants thoughout Emsworth and the wider area will be sporting window stickers showing their participation and dedication to this initiative.

As our lucky customers know, we send all our wall art wrapped in coloured cardboard or tissue, tied with a ribbon (which we hope will be re-used somewhere pretty!).  We use cardboard tubes, but we do seal our tubes with plastic ends and we need to look into finding a better system that is robust enough to stand up to what might be a challenging postal journey, but also be economically and sustainably effective.

There is no doubt that we can all do a little something, which collectively will add up to Turn the Tide on Plastic.

If you live on the South Coast and want to know more about The Final Straw, Emsworth, hop over to their facebook page: @finalstrawemsworth .  A family friendly beach clean up is planned at Hayling Billy Trail, 9.30am on 18 February.  The local council (good on them!) are donating the equipment needed to do this safely.
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