The Christmas Video 2016
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The Christmas Video 2016
Never work with children or animals, that's what they say right? Well, we like a challenge here at Stickers4Walls, so we involve our doggy friends whenever we can in videos and photo opportunities! Every year since the business started, we have made a Christmas video,  just for fun - and they have always featured the office dogs as the stars of the show. This year, we decided to take the video to another level. We are so lucky because Paris, our resident video expert who is studying digital film production and screenwriting at university, is here to do all the hard work! We think she has done a fantastic job with this one, and we hope you do too.

We always feature one of our products in the Christmas videos and this year, it's all about our fantastic Christmas present labels. You know how it goes, it happens every year - handing out the presents on Christmas day, there is pretty much always a gift or two where the label has come off. Who is it for? Don't give Dad's socks to the grumpy teenager, that won't go down well! We can help avert this yearly confusion with our smart Christmas labels. They are made from adhesive fabric, printed with a choice of lovely designs that include reindeer, stars, robins and baubles. These labels don't tear and you can peel them off and stick them back on if you accidentally put them in the wrong place. They are really great quality, unlike some cheaper paper labels and tags. You can write on them with pretty much any type of pen or pencil (we haven't found any that don't work on them) and they look fab (you can buy them here by the way:

But that's enough about them. We know that really it's all about dogs at a dinner table, drum roll please........................

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