The Challenge of the Newly Decorated Room
14/10/2016 - 0 Comments
The Challenge of the Newly Decorated Room
There is nothing nicer than a freshly painted room.  Well, other than a freshly painted room that doesn't smell of paint!

Clean, fresh and bang up to date colour wise.  You have spent hours scouring the web and even Pinterest for inspiration and so far it looks fabulous.

But it doesn't look quite like home.  And, dare you admit it, the room is slightly echo-y.  Your partner has spent hours filling up the old holes and cleaning off the grease marks left by sticky tack, and flatly refuses to start bespoiling his masterpiece by bashing in nails.

There is an answer in FabriStick®.  A product that is really removable and re-usable.  It allows you to ring the changes until you decide on permanent decorations.  And with our ever increasing range of designs, or even a custom design, you might just decide never to go back to nails.

But . . .we do advise you don't use the FabriStick® for 3-4 weeks after decoration.  This is simply because although the walls might feel dry, it does take a good few weeks for even the best emulsions to fully dry out.

Better patient than sorry . . .

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