The Beast
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The Beast
Good morning everyone!

Exactly a week ago today we received a very exciting delivery, one we have been waiting for since we first started this journey; A Roland VersaCamm VP-300i.

Now most of you are probably thinking, 'what on earth is that?!', but don't worry! To give it a quick summary, this machine means we can print and produce all of our Fabristick® products in house, as well as a lot of other exciting creations! 

Rewinding to last week... We were all prepared for the new arrival. It's brand new room and computer waiting patiently, when suddenly we realised we had a problem with the Internet connection. Can you believe it! We absolutely needed Internet to install the machine, and the man delivering it had travelled 5 hours to get to us, so it wasn't as easy as just rearranging his arrival. 
Luckily Karen's son was able to connect a 25m long cable from the new computer, outside and over the drain pipes to our Internet box in the office, but we have to say it won't be a feature we will be keeping at Sticker4Walls! Half an hour of stress and panic later, and the new machine was being installed! 

Now nothing is ever as simple as we would like.. is it? Let's just say this new machine is certainly a lot more sensitive then our previous, and it will definitely take quite a while to get used too! 

One week later... let's just give you a few things that we have learnt so far:

  • The machine, now known as 'The Beast', is definitely male. (It's from Mars, there is no question about it.)
  • Cat litter is a must! It leaks ink from its 'ink drainage bottle', and that's messy!
  • 'Sleep mode' and 'Power mode' are two completely different things! Karen walked into the workshop the other day and The Beast magically turned on and gave her quite the fright.
  • And finally, forums are a girls best friend! No seriously, Karen joined a VersaCamm forum this week and the tips on there have been lifesaving. 

So there's our quick introduction to our new team member! If you want to know anything else about The Beast, we have just updated our 'About Us' section on the website too!

Until next time
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