The Average Homeowner Redecorates Once Per Year
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The Average Homeowner Redecorates Once Per Year
With research revealing that the average homeowner chooses to revamp at least one room of the house each year,Stickers4Walls calls on homeowners to take action and view their range of affordable wall art.

The study involved 2,000 adults and highlighted the surprising findings of home improvements; most homeowners opt to redecorate once a year and spend at least £220 every time.  Keeping homes stylish and updated is on trend, and the rooms most frequently transformed are the lounge and the kitchen.   

Karen Griffin, founder of Stickers4Walls says, “It is only natural to want to reinvent on a regular basis the space you spend most of your time in.  However, sprucing up a room does not need to involve huge costs or take up chunks of homeowners’ spare time.  Using wall stickers instead of wallpaper when redecorating is easy and cost effective, and can look just as successful if not even more so as a feature wall.”

Stickers4Walls specialise in a versatile range of vinyl and fabric wall art stickers.  Their collection features an array of designs to brighten up any bedroom, lounge, kitchen or dining room.  Not only are the stickers stylish and attractive, they are also a quick and practical way to transform any space and give it a fresh, revamped feeling.

The range of wall art from Stickers4Walls includes a huge variety of designs, such as animals, iconic celebrities and inspiring quotes to brighten up any living space.  They also have an exciting collection of decorative pieces such as clocks, candelabras and picture frames, and cater to children of all ages with their fun kids range.   
The Fabristick range is their flagship product, and the revolutionary stickers boast a wealth of extra benefits.  Unlike other vinyl stickers, which are thin and need to be stuck to a flat surface, Fabristick stickers can attach to any smooth or bumpy surface.  The vibrant stickers have a textured feel as they are made of fabric and don’t tear.  In addition, they can be repositioned countless times without ever losing their stick; giving homeowners the option of rearranging rooms or switching and swapping stickers between rooms.

“Our Fabristick collection is so practical and the stickers are incredibly easy to apply,” Karen added.  “Our stickers provide homeowners who enjoy updating and transforming their homes regularly with an affordable option.  Fabristick stickers can be rearranged as many times as you wish and guarantee not to leave any surface damage behind; so there’s no need to worry about having to paint or wallpaper over where they were positioned.”           

The Fabristick range offers so much more than the average wall art stickers; they are waterproof, strong and durable and never lose their sticky quality.  In addition, they can be stuck absolutely anywhere in the home including on glass, wooden cupboards, radiators and walls.

Wall stickers are the affordable and practical way to revamp a room on a regular basis; with average homeowners opting to redecorate every 12 months or more, Stickers4Walls provides a convenient and tasteful alternative.

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