Sunshine & Rainbows
13/07/2017 - 0 Comments
Sunshine & Rainbows

Hello everyone!

Another week, another blog post.. and this time I'm going to channel my inner mythical self! 

We recently released a brand new design made using 'The Beast' (yes, we are currently winning that great big battle!). Let me introduce to you our Unicorn Wall Sticker Set!

Featuring 1 beautiful unicorn, 18 stars & 1 moon, this stunning set makes any wall look magical and mystical! I personally love it because it just reminds me of when I was younger, reading fairy tales about all of these incredible creatures from other worlds. I can't imagine just how excited my younger self would have been if I was able to read a story about a unicorn and then have my very own unicorn on the wall to play with- I think it's great! 

What's also handy is that the unicorn's soft blue and grey fur means that it will just about match any wall colour or design! There's nothing more annoying then loving a piece of wall art and it not matching your colour scheme-right?

So go on... How about you channel your inner mythical self too? We all love a bit of escapism!

Until next week :)

Posted by Paris-Maria Johnson
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