Re-usable vs Removable
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Re-usable vs Removable
It happened to me the other day.

I totally confused these two adjectives.  YES, I do know what they mean, but somehow I got them mixed up.

You see I went into a well known lingerie shop and purchased a bra with removable under wires.  Now I am aware that half of the population will be saying "what the heck!" or "too much information", but bear with me.

Fab, I thought, some underwear that gives me the daily decision of whether to deploy the 'va va voom' - some of us need every bit of help we can get.

Sure enough a few days after wearing the uplift got boring, so I removed the wires with ease and put them safely away until the next occasion dictated.

But you see, the bra was advertised with removable under wiring.  There was no mention of those same wires being re-usable.  And here lay the problem.

I just couldn't get them back in the sleeve they came out of.  They kept snagging on the material, and worse, making holes in it.  My fingers were well and truly sore before I admitted defeat and went back to the shop.  Guess what?  The assistant couldn't do it either!  
You see the wires were indeed removable, but they were not re-usable. 

The same is true of many wall stickers, especially, ironically, the better quality ones.  These are sent out on a backing sheet which is removed after application.  It leaves it with each letter looking like it has been stuck on separately, or even painted onto the wall.  They come off really easily, but are impossible to put back on once removed.

So get a grip on your adjectives when looking at wall stickers - as in bras, it makes all the difference!

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