Range of Educational Wall Stickers
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Range of Educational Wall Stickers

Does anyone else struggle to help their children to learn their times tables? With two primary-school-aged boys, who really are not that interested in multiplication, it's quite hard getting them engaged with their maths homework and in particular learning their multiplication tables. Which is where the idea for these times tables wall stickers originated! 

Available in four different designs and three sizes, stick one of these educational multiplication wall stickers on your child's wall as a quick and easy reference for them when they are practicing their times tables. Practice them regularly, ask them to shout out the answers when you are testing them! If you need to cover up the answers for a test, get out your post it notes to stick over the answers! This wall sticker would also be useful for practicing division. Check them out here: https://www.stickers4walls.co.uk/product/multiplication-times-tables-wall-sticker 

Times Tables Wall Sticker Decal

We have also designed a set of alphabet and number wall stickers, perfect for helping your preschooler or primary-aged child to learn their alphabet. This set comes with an optional set of numbers to ten as well - take a look here: https://www.stickers4walls.co.uk/product/alphabet-wall-stickers

Alphabet Wall Sticker Decal Set

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