Rainy Day Inspiration
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Rainy Day Inspiration

Hi there! 

It's half term in the UK at the moment, which means all of the children have a week off school-yippie! With that being said, with the typical UK weather, it's raining today which i'm sure really foils some of your 'play outside in the fresh air' plans. Perhaps I can help... 

Here are 3 things you could do with your children on a rainy day: 

1. Turn housework into the greatest, most high intense, noble challenge of all time! 
The housework doesn't have a half term like the kids do... so why not get them to help? Yes.. i'm sure you've tried a thousand times, but how about giving it a completely different name, and making it into the most exciting challenge of the century. Perhaps if you have multiple children, you can create a series of tasks, with a noticeboard to record their results. For example-create a dance routine using the mop and bucket (you can be the judge-best dancing... not best mopping, but the floors have to be cleaned as a part of the routine!), or maybe a fold off.. Quickest pile of clothes folded (with ground rules, they must be folded neatly). There's hundreds of ways you could make your household chores into the mini Olympics, so get creative! 

2. Create stories using Fabristick® wall stickers!
We all love a good bedtime story-but why does it have to be at bedtime? Here at Stickers4Walls we make these amazing fabric wall stickers, that can make stories come to life! These stickers are reusable, so can be peeled on and off the walls as many times as you like, making them the perfect way to create magical characters and bring their ideas to life! We have loads of different designs to choose from - including pirates, princesses, unicorns and many more! Click here to see our full range of Fabristick®.

3. The good old fashioned den!

Of course, how can you go wrong with an old classic? The den, most commonly made from spare sheets and corners of sofas, with the half disheveled hanging 'door' and cushions for chairs, it's a child's number one rainy day activity. I know I know, it can be a bit disruptive and takes a lot of time out of your day-but perhaps you could incorperate the first two activities into this one? For example, bring the fabristick® stickers into the den so your child can create stories inside their new 'house', and then when it's time to clean up you could make that a part of the 'housework olympics'... problem solved! 

So there you go, a little half term inspiration if you will! Enjoy!

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