Personalised Santa Sacks
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Personalised Santa Sacks
Santa might well get stuck down the chimney trying to fill these large sacks!

When my two were first borne, we had a lovely hand embroidered stocking for each of them, not that we had anyone remotely handy with a needle in our family.  They were purchased by my own Grandmother and are still cherished today.  And it is only the last year or two they have come into their own. 

You see, even at 4 months old, my son had so many HUGE plastic toys that we needed a pillow case to contain them when 'Santa' first visited.  And then he discovered Playmobil . . . 

Now, both of mine (19 & 22 respectively) prefer small selectively (expensive) chosen gifts, that once again fit into the cherished stockings.

If you are still in the big plastic toy phase these sacks might be the answer for you. A generous 69x49cm, they are made from very hardwearing calico that should last year after year.

Last orders Monday 12 December, so that they arrive in time for Santa's visit.
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