Open Those Windows!
28/06/2018 - 0 Comments
Open Those Windows!

Gooooooooood Morning Everyone!

There's one good word to describe the UK right now, and that word is HEATWAVE! It's extremely hot here at the moment and I can almost garuntee that due to the lack of air conditioning in most British homes you will all be having every window and door open as possible.

Have you ever thought that perhaps your plain windows and glass doors could do with something extra? Why is it just the walls that are expected to be nicely painted or plastered with fancy wallpaper? Let's break the stigma! Try window cling...

If you don't know what window cling is, i'll explain. It's a great material that 'clings' to any glass and can easily be taken off and re applied elsewhere. It's great for shop windows and displays, but who's to say that it can't be used to decorate parts of your home as well? It's also a great way to stop birds from striking your window, which can be quite a common problem at this time of the year!

Here at Stickers4Walls we have a variety of window cling stickers for sale, including our very popular 'Swallow Bird' design. As well as this, we have a lovely hearts set, elegent butterflies set, flashy stars set and a more playful hare and flowers set. They each are a great way to spice up a window, including perhaps a childs bedroom-we all know how much children like to add personal touches to their space!

Want to know the best part? They're all only £12! And the hearts come in two colour options; white and red. So cute!


How good do our star window cling stickers look in this window display?

Click here to view all of our window cling wall stickers! 

Also! Don't forget that you can get in touch with us for any bespoke designs, we would be happy to help! 

Enjoy the warm weather!

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