New Range of Fabristick® Stickers Now Available
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New Range of Fabristick® Stickers Now Available

A UK wall sticker company, who specialize in vinyl wall art, have launched an innovative new textured sticker range. Fabristick is set apart from other similar interior design stickers because the smooth fabric stickers are waterproof, designed to stick to even bumpy surfaces and never tear.    

The brand new range of wall stickers from Stickers4Walls are a practical and effective way to enhance the wall design of any room.  They can be applied to almost any surface, even glass or rough surfaces without causing any surface damage and can be repositioned time and time again without losing their sticky quality.

Karen Griffin, founder of Stickers4Walls says, “We are thrilled to be able to offer the Fabristick range of wall art to people who want a hassle-free way to brighten up their living space.  Fabristick works so much better than similar wall art stickers, thanks to its tactile fabric texture and its durability.  The range is perfect for nurseries or kids’ bedrooms; the fun designs are waterproof and can be moved around as many times as desired without losing stickiness.  They can be stuck anywhere around the room to any surface, from the window to the wardrobe, without leaving behind any mess.”

The adorable child-friendly designs include teddy bears, hot air balloons and rockets to liven up any kid’s bedroom.  The 100% polyester stickers are printed with water resistant ink to account for any messy accidents, and their reusable self adhesive qualities allow stickers to be moved around regularly if you or your child like to constantly rearrange rooms.

It couldn’t be easier to transform a room with Fabristick stickers.  “Our fabric stickers are so simple to apply, you just peel off the backing sheet and they’re ready to stick to any desired surface,” explains Karen.  “The stickers are also ideal for people living in rented accommodation who don’t have the flexibility to redecorate their home.  Fabristick stickers leave no residue or messy marks behind, so now tenants can also get creative with their interior design.”

The Fabristick rockets product is perfect for children of all ages, and includes 7 rockets and 6 planets in a variety of sizes, and numerous stars and moons.  This collection can be stuck in different places all around the room, or all on one wall to create an imaginative solar system.  Alternatively, produce a magical wall feature with the Fabristick birds, with 15 different sized birds and 19 musical notes to softly sing a child to sleep.

Fabristick fabric wall stickers

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