New Instagram and Photo Products
12/07/2016 - 0 Comments
New Instagram and Photo Products
We love Instagram in the Stickers4Walls office. We love the wacky and wonderful pics that come up in our feeds, and that it is such a visually stunning way of illustrating and remembering our days and nights out, playing with the kids or enjoying the beauty of our British countryside. We love that you can take what might potentially be a bit of an average photo and through the joy of Instagram filters create an image worthy of a top photographer (OK, not really, but it certainly makes our pics look more presentable!).

We were sitting pondering on ways that we can use our lovely fabric wall sticker material, FabriStick® and had a lightbulb moment. We could start using it to print people's Instagram photos. Personalised Instagram Wall Stickers - brilliant. And FabriStick® is a great material to use as you can peel it off when you want to move it or take it down, without ruining your walls. And it will stick to walls, cupboards, glass, bumpy or smooth surfaces. So it could be great for students decorating their rooms in halls, or shared houses, or perfect if you are renting somewhere and aren't allowed to put nails in the wall. Why not check out the end result here: 

It's really easy to order them - just order through the link above, and we will send you the link to where you can upload your photos - straight from your phone or tablet if you want. Simple. And if you don't use Instagram but would like to use photos from your phone or camera, you can upload them in exactly the same way. Get in touch if have any questions, we would love to hear from you! 

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