Never Confuse A Present Again
20/12/2016 - 0 Comments
Never Confuse A Present Again
Do you ever do the present handing out thing and find one forlorn beautifully wrapped parcel left under the tree?  Without a label?  Dread of dreads! Especially if your poor Christmas-overloaded brain just cannot remember what might have been in the parcel to identify the recipient. Half the time I am so frazzled by the big day (not to mention a little relaxed from the breakfast Bucks Fizz) that I can scarcely remember what paper I used.

My dear departed Aunt used to wrap our presents in different coloured paper in case this very thing happened.  How pleased she would have been with our self stick fabric Christmas labels. Just about impossible to find an unidentified present then.

Especially if you like lots of ribbons and bows, then cram your parcels into bags and boxes to transport them to the family . . . .how many tie on labels are left at the bottom of the unpacked box?

Is it like that at yours?

These lovely packets of ten stickers are just £1.50 per pack - saving an untold amount of stress for that poor forlorn present left under the tree.

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