Need to pop to the shop? Alpaca Bag!
01/02/2018 - 0 Comments
Need to pop to the shop? Alpaca Bag!

Hi there everyone!

Firstly. happy February! That's one of the hardest months out of the window, hey?

We're all about the puns here at Stickers4Walls, and have been working very hard on a new and exciting product for you all! Something a little more unique and different to what we usually offer... 

Let me introduce you to our new Alpaca Bags! Available in 3 swish designs and starting at £12.99, these bags are a definite must for your shopping trips! Much more fun then your usual plastic bags, and a lot better for the environment too! 

But you don't have to use it for shopping if you don't want too! This bag can be used for anything. It is a decent size that would definitely fit a laptop in with room for other essentials as well.

Now, don't let me waste anymore of your time-go ahead and check them out for yourselves here!

Feel free to report back and tell us which one is your favourite!

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