My Last Day
26/07/2018 - 0 Comments
My Last Day

Hi there everyone!

Well... this is a strange one to be writing... 

As you will have seen from the title, this is my last day here at Stickers4Walls! I feel very sad to be leaving... but I thought it was only right that my last blog post would be one talking about my highlights and plans for the future... 

Having started here during my first year of college, I am leaving having been to university and completed a degree in 'Digital Film Production and Screenwriting' with which I recieved a first. It was always known that I would eventually have to find something full time, but I didn't necesarily think it would be so soon.

In a few weeks i'll be starting at a local country centre assisting to teach music and media to adults with learning disabilites. I'm obviously very excited to be starting a new chapter in my life, but that of course means that I will sadly have to say goodbye to everyone here at Stickers4Walls HQ. 

I have been here for just under 5 years now, and have had the most amazing time. It has been filled with more laughter than you can imagine, especially when filming our annual Christmas Videos! (Which, I will be coming back to film a bit later this year!). 

Every week has been different, which has made for many interesting stories to bring home! One week I could be filming a rap video, the next spending a day in the workshop. It has definitely kept me on my toes, and I will truly miss driving to the office on a Thursday wondering what Karen and Lissie would have in store for me! 

I have learnt an incredible amount and have gained experience that will help me throughout my life. I will no doubt be keeping in contact, especially as everyone will need someone to give them weekly Christmas countdowns! 

I will now be handing over the blogs to Lissie- don't worry, you are all in great hands!

Thanks for everything!

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