Let's be adventurous!
06/07/2017 - 0 Comments
Let's be adventurous!

Hello everyone!

Are you going anywhere this summer? Camping is always a favorite... With our new mountains and hot air balloons stickers set you can now take your luxurious holiday scenes home with you forever!

This sticker set includes 12 beautiful hot air balloons, 3 stunning mountain pieces and of course the glorious sun that we are definitely enjoying here in the UK at the moment! 

Personally these stickers are probably my new favourite. I think they would just be the perfect way to spruce up a slightly sad looking wall! Can you imagine the compliments you would get? I mean it's not everyday you visit a friends house and they have a feature like that on their wall...

And let's not forget that these stickers are made out of our brilliant material FabriStick®. Why so brillinant? Well it's a fabric material that doesn't stretch, rip and can be re used over and over again without getting damaged.  Pretty ideal really!

So how about it? Don't let those beautiful mountain camp trips become just a memory...

For more information about these please feel free to visit here: 

Ta ta for now! 

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