Keep tabs on your growing children!
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Keep tabs on your growing children!

Children grow so fast. In the blink of an eye, your gurgling little bundle who fits so neatly in your arms becomes an independant child who is all arms, elbows and knees, then a hopefully-not-too-sullen teen. Suddenly they overtake you in the height stakes. That's why it is so lovely to keep a record of their growing progress!

In our family, we have always measured our children against a particular doorframe in the house, but if we ever move all that history will be lost, unless we painstakingly copy it all across somehow. Which is why we have come up with a couple of wall sticker height charts made from our smart Fabristick® repositionable wall sticker material, that can be written using most pens or a graphite pencil. We have two height chart wall decal designs. One is aimed at the slightly younger market, and would be great in a child's bedroom - a friendly, cartoon style giraffe. Simply measure your child's growth against the neck measurements! Find Gerald the Giraffe here:

We also have a brand new design which goes all the way up to full grown-upness! Our cool personalised wooden ruler style height chart could go in any room in your house. Add in your family name, all your first names, a family motto - whatever you'd like on there, we will do our best to accommodate. And if you move, no copying names, heights and dates for you! Just peel it off your wall and put it up again in a new room or your new home. Instant family history in your home! Find it here:

Stickers4Walls Personalised Wooden Ruler Height Chart Wall Sticker

Enjoy - happy measuring!

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