It's Summer Time!
20/07/2017 - 0 Comments
It's Summer Time!

Hello everyone! 

I've come to realise that this year is definitely flying by... is it really almost summer time? Some children have already broken up for the holidays and others break up tomorrow-that's over half of the year gone already! And although I'm very much a sucker for winter and the colder months, I can't help but want to embrace summer for as long as possible! 

Speaking of summer, we have a few lovely summery wall stickers available! Beach huts and camper vans just scream summer don't they? I think these stickers would just be a great way to jazz up your caravan or even house wall this summer. And the best part? They are made using Fabristick® so you can take them off during the colder seasons and re use them next year when they are more suitable again!
Perhaps you could check back in and change the decorations to something more festive when that time comes too... 

The beach huts are currently in our sale (yippie!) at £19.99 and the camper vans are the usual price of £24.99. 

You can check out our other designs here as well: 

What are you getting up too this summer? I would love to know. 

Happy holidays!
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