It's almost here!
12/10/2017 - 0 Comments
It's almost here!

Hi there everyone :)

This week marks the end of our Christmas Video production, with the final clips coming in to finish it off. I have to admit i've been getting that glorious Christmas feeling and although the video won't be live for a few weeks I just can't hide it anymore-the festive season has begun!

If some of you are feeling the same, then why wait? So many shops are starting to release their Christmas ranges, and we have as well!
Firstly, we have bought back some of the classics from last year, including the beautiful Christmas Votive Candles which now come in sets of 3. As well as this, we have also re launched our personalised Christmas sacks, which are currently on sale for £12.99!

Of course we still have the lovely Fabristick® Christmas stickers, and the Christmassy window cling as well! But one thing that we have already started selling a lot of is the labels!  
I've noticed that there seems to be an increased number of people doing their Christmas shopping early this if that's you, do you need any labels? We sell a lovely pack that are also made from Fabristick® so they don't fall off the presents and cause the horrible present confusion on Christmas Day! They come in a range of designs, and cost a mere £1.50 for 10! Bargain!

What are you waiting for? Check out our Christmas shop to view our whole 2017 range. Enjoy!

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