How To Spot A Quality Vinyl Wall Sticker
07/10/2016 - 2 Comments
How To Spot A Quality Vinyl Wall Sticker
A quick google search for Vinyl Wall Stickers will bring you, literally, 1000's of listings.  Often of the same design.  With lots of different prices.

So how CAN you tell exactly what you are getting for your buck?

Don't rely on the images because they can be very misleading.  Not all suppliers use actual photography to represent their products, as we do. The majority photo shop the accompanying images, and the scale can be hugely misleading.  £12.99 for a huge cherry tree design which covers the wall behind a sofa?  Really?  No the £12.99 is for a small 50cm one.  Want the 250cm version?  That will be £47 thank you very much.

Even British online stores may import cheap vinyl from China. 

It may be that you are looking for something cheap for a temporary decoration uplift, especially if you are unsure about using wall art for the first time.  In which case a printed vinyl sticker might suit you fine.  But usually these are printed on a solid piece of clear material, jigsaw cut onto a sheet that you assemble into the final design yourself.  'Empty' areas of the sticker will be left transparent in the print process, but will still shine in the light.
Printed vinyl stickerclear printed vinyl wall artquality vinyl lettering showing texture of surface beneath

To avoid this, look for quality block cut vinyl wall art.  These take the texture of the wall. They have no backing sticker and, being matt, look like they have been painted on. Choose a British supplier, so that you can ring them to clarify exactly what you are getting.  Many British manufacturers, like ourselves, will also create personalised wall art for very little extra cost.

The same is true for vinyl as in most things - you do really get what you pay for.
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Rock Wood 10/03/2017
Well written advice.... Thanks for that. I have vinyl stickers which I bought by Bade Newby Display. What's your opinion about ? Thanks
admin 10/03/2017
Morning! Thank you for your kind words, glad you found the article useful. We don't know of Bade Newby personally and without seeing their work it is hard to judge. But they, like us, are manufacturers, based in the UK but from their website they seem to be predominently working in the business market in small vinyl sticker production. The spec for their work looks top notch and from their impressive client list, they must be providing a good product and good service. Bade Newby's product is different again. It is full colour printing onto vinyl. We offer a block vinyl service (where the letters are cut out from one colour of vinyl and then applied so there is no 'sticker' around the letter and the wall colour shows through). The benefit of block vinyl is that the stickers look painted on, but they cannot be moved or re-used. Our other product is FabriStick , which like vinyl stickers, is a solid sticker (so you cannot see the wall behind) but unlike vinyl, if it folds back on itself t