How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Gift
11/11/2016 - 0 Comments
How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Gift
Christmas shopping is technically very easy.

You decide what to buy.  Then you buy it.

But I know I make things hard for myself.  If I am spending £40 on one of my children, I feel the urge to spend the same on the other, even though what they really really really want is only £35.  So we get into top up present mode.  And you know how that ends.  With spending £45 on child B so needing to find a £5 present for child A.

Does this happen to you?

The easiest Christmas we had was the one the whole family went away.  (To Finland, seeing that you are wondering - absolutely amazing, really recommend it).  We made a rule.  £10 max per present.  And boy did that take some doing.  Having a maximum price meant that we all gave and received the very best presents ever.  We spent so much more time thinking and being creative when money created a limit.  Many of the gifts were home-made.

It could just be that these candles are exactly what you are looking for - the perfect present.  Hand made - by us!
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