How Does Rudolph Know That Christmas Is Coming?
04/11/2016 - 0 Comments
How Does Rudolph Know That Christmas Is Coming?
He looks at his Calen'deer' of course!  Yes, we really do start mid September, although Christmas won't wrap up for us until end of January next year.

And our new range is all about the reindeer.  Because we all know that reindeer hang 'horn'aments on their Christmas trees, so we though you might like reindeer for your walls and windows.

One of the things we like about Christmas here is our Christmas video, always featuring a number of our own dogs.  We started our shoot yesterday.  It didn't go exactly to plan, and, like every year, Christmas-mad Paris vows never to work with animals again. We are planning to release the video on 9 December, so keep a look out for it.

But in the meantime, we thought you might like this quick video about our reindeer.
Reindeer wall stickers being made
So what would you do if a reindeer lost its tail?  You would go to a re-tail shop to get another or course.
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