Get Crafty!
20/04/2018 - 0 Comments
Get Crafty!

Hello everyone!

Well hasn't the weather improved? We're in full summer mode here at Stickers4Walls and whilst watching the morning news I heard about the London Craft Show that was taking place at the moment. I was excited to hear that the number of all generations taking part in craft activities was increasing immensely, and read after that there was a 45% increase in the craft industry income in 2016! It got me thinking, not only are our stickers beautiful and perfect on their own, but they are also great for craft activities and other projects! Take a look... 

Here is one of the cork boards in the kitchen at Stickers4Walls HQ. Notice the mosaic background? Well that's our very own Fabristick® of course! Doesn't it just jazz up an old notice board so well? And it doesn't stop there!

We can print any design of your choice onto our Fabristick® material... and you don't just have to use it for cork boards of course! Remember, Fabristick® is reusable and it doesn't rip or tear. And iff you get fed up of your current craft using Fabristick®? You can just move it somewhere else! So not only is it great and unique, but it's also a good way to be economical and save those pennies. A craft and a bargain-brilliant!

For more information and to order please click here to get in touch! 

Be creative and send us in some photos of your glammed up crafts! 

Until next time :)

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