Fun Ways To Keep The Grandkids Entertained
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Fun Ways To Keep The Grandkids Entertained
The love of a grandparent is unconditional, but sometimes it can be hard re-adjusting to young children.  After all, it’s been a good few years since a grandparent’s own children were that age.  Kids these days are harder to entertain than ever, often glued to TV screens and games consoles and demanding entertainment.  If you’re a grandparent struggling to entertain the children with creative and fun activities, read on for really easy ways to keep the grandkids happy.


Children of all ages love getting involved in the kitchen, especially if it involves making a mess! Baking is great because as well as being fun, it teaches children the process of working to make something, and over time reaping the sweet benefits in the form of cakes or biscuits.  Another reason this is a great activity for children is the amount of time is takes – this is sure to take at least a couple of hours out of the day where they can’t say “I’m bored!”

Baking or cooking is also a really great activity for grandparents, because it’s something the parents won’t necessarily have time to do at home.  It also gives the children something to be proud of and take home to their parents, where they will say what a fun time they had at Grandma and Grandad’s house. 

Wall Stickers

Many children have wall stickers in their bedroom, but how can these decorative elements keep them entertained? Well, unlike ordinary vinyl stickers FabriStick™ wall stickers are designed to be moved around and repositioned.  The stickers never lose their sticky quality or leave any mess on the surface they are stuck to.  Kids can play with them endlessly, taking them on tours around their room and even the rest of the house!


As soon as they’re old enough, children like to make and do.  Whether it’s simply cutting and sticking a collage, papier-mâché or something more complex like origami, it will keep them quiet for hours and hours.  Once again, it will also produce something to keep at the end and show off to their parents.

Nature Hunt in the Garden

Many parenting and grand-parenting books or websites will suggest a treasure hunt for the smaller members of your family.  But you may not have had time to prepare, and kids also love nature; so why not combine the two?  Simply write down certain plants, birds, trees and insects that the children have to find in or around the garden.  Better still, take them to a nearby park or forest where you’re bound to see even more flora and wildlife.

Rocket wall stickers

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