FabriStick Wall Stickers The Journey 1
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FabriStick Wall Stickers The Journey 1
Have you ever had a great idea? Just one really, really great idea – you know, that one where you thought “why can’t I get one of those?” – and then never did anything about it?

Well, my name is Karen Griffin and in my lifetime I have had several of those brilliant ideas. The first was totally random. I had just passed my driving test and was frustrated by blown down road work signs. We are hailing back several decades, but without ageing myself too much, I even drew up some ideas, featuring lightweight shapes designed to be filled with water once in situ. And yes, you’ve guessed, there the little drawings stayed, in an unused folder, until a few years later when they started to be rolled out across the country.

Then there was a board game – not far off in idea from the current Game of Thrones. Then a book – slightly raunchy, but of course better written than the trilogy that swept the nation several years ago. I will conveniently forget about the spider catcher, the self tying laces and all those other ‘missed’ opportunities.

But what all these lightbulb moments had in common was the fact that they were way outside of my field of expertise, and were based entirely on my own failure to find what I really wanted. As my long suffering husband tells me: I live my life ahead of my time.

Last Autumn, all this changed. My eldest moved out into a shared flat on a year’s lease. Not wanting to be pessimistic in expecting him to rebound, but at the same time wanting to use his double room for some useful purpose I decided to take charge and regain use of my lounge on weekends (and at the same time surprise said patient husband). You see, hubby is a War Gamer – not the re-enactment variety you understand – but the model figure type, featuring large tables and several hours of dice rolling and metal pushing. Sometimes rolling one day into another.

So FabriStick® was borne out of the need for an easy semi-permanent, non-damaging room decoration. Not just for our ‘might-be-spare’ bedroom, but also for the magnolia walls so common in rental properties. It has been a challenging ten months, but this is the story of the birth of FabriStick®...
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