Creative Bedtime Ideas for Kids
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Creative Bedtime Ideas for Kids
Ah, kids’ bedtime: the evening routine which can quickly escalate into a living nightmare.  It doesn’t matter how planned out your night time routine is for your children, it often does not got to plan and you will have to think on your feet.  The time honoured “bedtime story” doesn’t always send the kids off into 10 hours of sweet dreams as promised – then what?

Parents need to get creative and use their imaginations to send their children to sleep, and there’s a few different ways to go about it.  Don’t worry if you’re not a drama teacher or can’t recall a fairytale or nursery rhyme; here are a few fun and creative ideas to get you started.

Burn Off Energy

The first step is to get your toddlers or teens to burn off the day’s built-up energy.  Make them tired, and they will be more persuaded to head upstairs into their bedroom.  So how to do this as a family and make it fun? If the weather allows, why not go for a late evening stroll? Even better if you have a dog to take to a field and run around with.  But these days there’s no need to go outside for a bit of exercise – with games consoles and workout DVD’s everyone can get moving in the lounge.  Games are effective because they are interactive, but a sing-and-dance-along DVD is also great for the little ones.

If you want to get a bit more creative, then host your own bedtime games like a treasure hunt! Things associated with bedtime such as their pyjamas, toys and teddies can be hidden around the house, and once they’re found it’s bedtime.

Wall Stickers

Once they’re in the bedroom, give the child time to wind down with some ‘quiet play.’  Encourage them to make up their own stories with toys and props, such as wall stickers.  Fabristick wall stickers are a great way to do this, because they can be repositioned as many times as the kids’ want, without leaving any marks on the wall.  The textured stickers are soft to the touch and children love moving them around; they can be stuck to any surface without leaving damage.  The colourful stickers come in fun shapes such as rockets, hot air balloons and teddy bears to ignite the children’s imagination.  When it’s time to crawl into bed, they can bring the stickers and stick them above their bed frame, and even carry on talking to them if they wish.


If they’re still not burnt out after steps one and two, you have super-children! Many factors affect bedtime such as sugar intake and overtiredness, but if they’re still restless then stay with them (and try and talk them to sleep!) Here’s where a good old bedtime story can be applied, but try to liven it up with your own prop, such as a puppet.  Soft props like puppets can then be left in the bed next to the children as a comfort blanket.

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