Cling Ons not Klingons
28/10/2016 - 0 Comments
Cling Ons not Klingons
Easily confused, the fictional Star Trek humanoid warriors and our specialist subject - vinyl? Not likely.

But window stickers need to cling. On.  Not stick.  Not adhere.  Not drop off.  Just cling. Firmly, until you want to peel it off.

And white shows up best on glass, even untinted glass.  So whether you are looking for something to stop your toddler walking into the glass, or just want to jazz up those windows for the Festive Season, do think about window cling.  

Its not the stuff the old car tax discs were made of.  No licking required.  Simply peel off the backing and put on the window.  Simples.
Posted by Karen
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