Christmas! Wait... What?!
24/08/2017 - 0 Comments
Christmas! Wait... What?!

Hello Everyone!

It is with the most most most excitement that I am writing to tell you that we have begun the Christmas preparations in the office! We began by discussing some new products that we will be releasing and taking some photographs, followed by the first test shoot for our Christmas 2017 video. Yes, you heard me right-we'll be back with another mad video this year!

Today marked the first test video, which meant that we started to put our ideas into action. This involved using the dogs again (of course), but we tried to make their tasks as simple as possible...but nothing is ever that simple of course!

All we needed Finn to do was sit, stay and then run towards Lissie-simple right? Oh no! After one attempt Finn decided that he couldn't possibly run in a straight line and had to run around the camera to avoid being in shot. Goodness me!
Out came Murphy, the much older, wiser, more experienced actor-and yes, he was much easier! He understood the concept, and accepted what he had to do for a treat. Sure enough, in 5 minutes we were done-onto round 2!

Once some top secret work was done we needed Murphy again, this time to measure him. 'Murphy?' 'Murphy!' We called, but couldn't find him anywhere! 
Low and behold we found him upstairs asleep on Karen's bed, refusing to move! He obviously needed his beauty sleep after his acting session, therefore we had to measure him lying down as he was sprawled out catching some Zzzs. 

And then finally, round 3. This time Murphy had re emerged from the bedroom after Karen had returned from her lunch, this meant it was much easier to get him to do what we wanted, (Karen is our chief trainer after all!). No more then 1 minute later and we were done. First test complete! 

We are happy with how test 1 turned out, but we need to fine tune a few things before we can begin the official filming!

Never work with children and animals they say... and Lissie is threatening to bring her children into the office next week, just in time for test number 2. Wish us luck! 

Until next time.

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