Can we start to feel Christmassy now?
01/11/2017 - 0 Comments
Can we start to feel Christmassy now?

Hi there everyone!

So it's November 1st... and i'm going to be honest and say that surely now is the time to start thinking about being slightly festive? Oh come on... it's so nearly Christmas!

Jokes aside, it is true to say that when December does come around and people start to truly think about Christmas-it can be too late. Some of the best presents or festive items will already be gone... and you can be left feeling unorganised and helpless. Don't be that person this year!

Start now! Why not? The temperature has definitely dropped here down South and that is very much helping me to get into the wintry spirit. Can you believe where the year has gone? At this rate it will be Christmas Day before you know it and you will have no decorations or anything... Here, let me help you out!

Our FABRISTICK® CHRISTMAS SNOWMAN WALL STICKERS are currently on sale for £15 instead of the original price of £24.99! Sounds like a perfect start to the Christmas decoration haul right?

These stickers are such a cute addition to your home as they add that splash of festivity that you might have been lacking before, and everyone loves  a bargain so it seems like the perfect combination! 

They are also made of our wonderful fabric material, meaning that you can peel them on and off your walls or furniture and use them over and over again, even for years to come! So really, not only are they cute and on sale, but they are also an investment because they can be stored away until next Christmas!

There you have it, starting to think about Christmas in November isn't so bad... is it?

Until next time!
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