Big space, big plans! Check out our new workshop...
03/02/2017 - 0 Comments
Big space, big plans! Check out our new workshop...
Everyone has THAT cupboard under the stairs, right? You know the one, every time you open the door stuff falls on you? Well, our workshop was starting to get a little teensy bit like that. Things weren't actually falling on our heads, but we had reached a point where storage was an issue, things were squashed and squeezed in wherever we could find an inch and our workspace was getting a little hard to manage. So we decided it was time to take action.  Our existing workshop was cleared out, which was a mammoth job by itself (and may have involved the occasional spider-related squeal), and we had a new footing put down that doubled the previous size. 

This was all very exciting, but if you have ever owned or worked in a small business, you will know that something like this relies on help from family and friends as well as using local tradesmen for the hard stuff. A couple of weeks ago, the new workshop just was an empty shell.  Today, with a LOT of help from friends & family (and of course our office dog Finn), we are back in proper action. The photos show what an awesome achievement it has been. Finn did somehow manage to get onto the roof at one point - we are still suspecting he's actually a doggy superhero who can fly. There is still a bit of racking and fiddling around to make best use of the space inside, but we are ready for the next stage of expansion and hopefully a new machine to follow in the coming months.

Now we just have to be really careful not to just fill it up again!

Watch our video all about it here:

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