Beach Huts in New Zealand!
05/07/2018 - 0 Comments
Beach Huts in New Zealand!


If you read last weeks blog (which I hope you did!), you will have seen that we were sent a lovely photo of our Hot Air Balloon wall stickers being used in a customers house. Well, this week's blog post is slightly further afield...

We were sent a photograph of our beautiful Beach Hut Wall Stickers being used in NEW ZEALAND! Can you believe it? And look how amazing they appear dotted around the sides of the bath! What a good idea!

These stickers are available here from our website, and again are made using our amazing Fabristick® material, which let me remind you is completely reusable and almost indestructable!

What are you waiting for? Who doesn't need their bathroom jazzed up with beautiful beach huts?!

Remember we absolutely love seeing your photographs, so feel free to send them in!


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